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Dante Security produces highly effective, powerful, reliable, multi-band RF Cellular Network and Communication equipment Jamming Devices to suit all types of applications. The products are custom tailored for low, medium and high power requirements such as Military Installations, Convoy protection, Law Enforcement – bomb detonation prevention, Correctional Institutions and Sport Venues. Facilities that are potential targets of terrorists such as Airports, Oil Refineries, Power Plants, Courtrooms, Rail and Bus Stations are users whose security is enhanced by the technology.

Available with adjustable output power for individual frequencies, Dante’s Communication Jammers are state-of-the-art solution that block all Cellular Network Standards simultaneously including iDen, TDMA, CDMA, GSM, UMTS, DCS, PHS, PCS, 3G, AMPS, N-AMPS, NMT and TACS.